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This search will allow you to check the new, soon to be new babysitter, or anyone that may care for your children. The babysitter background check will access several online, and offline private sources to locate many records needed for you to have a piece of mind with the person that is going to care for your kids.  The babysitter background check goes a step further than most offer. We will search nationwide for criminal records, civil records, and also verify the nanny's information. We do not stop their we will run a profile search on the applicant and locate all locations that the applicant lived in the past 1-14 years. With each location we will run a criminal check at the county level, as well as search police reports at the county level of each location, and area that applicant lived at. We also will verify the applicants information such as full name, social security number, addresses, date of birth, and more. This search is very extensive, and will provide you with much success to find the best person to care for your kids. Don't risk hiring someone who has been charged or convicted of child abuse/neglect or has a criminal record.

This report also has an option to check the applicants driving record if needed. This is an extra option
The driving record report will show any driving problems such as DUI, speeding tickets, violations, revoked licenses, and more. Depending on state the driving record may also show a physical description on the subject / applicant.

Driving records only available in selected states.
Driving record checks only available in following states shown below.
District of Columbia
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota

Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia

A detective at our firm will start your search as soon as your payment is processed, and begin the investigation process. You should receive results back by email within 1-4 business days with the results of the investigation. The criminal by county search may take between 5-15 days to complete.

We require the applicants full name (First and last name), social security number, and date of birth to order this search service.



Find current address, telephone number, and more with the Baby Sitter Background Check!
Results provided for this service $129.99

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Other ways to find people.
Full Name. (Verification)
Current Address.
Criminal check nationwide.
Criminal check in each county
(Up to 4).
Sex Offender check/ trace.
Civil records
(Judgments, bankruptcies, liens)
Date of Birth.
Social Security Number
Address History.
(Past used or old addresses)
Social Security Number Fraud Scan.
Past Telephone Numbers Used by Subject..
Other People Using The Social Security Number.
Other SSN Used By Subject.
Others related to the subject.
Police reports in the county subject lives in.
And much more.

Order this now for $129.99


Extra with above and driving record: $149.99 people search

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find current address

Extra add on: $209.99 Advanced data can be applied to this search which will include: 
Order the add one for $209.99
All the above information plus: 
Vehicles owned by subject.
(family sons, daughters, wife, husband, and other possible relations).
Police reports in all counties subject has lived in (Up to 4)
Driving record by state
(See available states above) 
Will search the last locations by state that the applicant / subject lived in. (Up to 3)
Vessels owned by subject. (Boats, Watercraft, and ships)
Real Estate (Property Records) Nationwide.
Associates (People that have had contact with the subject) By address, telephone, and other data.


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