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 Criminal Records Criminal Records.
  We have many types of criminal record checks, and other criminal background check services. We offer many ways to find criminal records by state, city, county, and nationwide. When you need to know if someone has a criminal record you can not trust just any company. Many online criminal checking services, and other business that check criminal records will use only a database search. We a detective agency will check the hard copy record, check national databases, as well as use special sources that only law enforcement, government, and detectives have access to. When you need an accurate criminal records or other criminal check services please trust that we will provide you with the best possible matches you will find online. Each criminal record search is preformed by a licensed detective at our firm for the most accurate criminal records you will find online.

Please see below for more information on our product line of criminal records.

Criminal Records Criminal Record Services.
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  Find Criminal Records by State. More info.  
This services will allow you to run a statewide criminal check on someone by providing us with a first name, last name, date of birth, and state to search in.
The criminal check by state will allow you to find any misdemeanor records, felonies, and will show time served for each case. This may also show where the subject served time at such as county jail, regional correction facility, and any other correctional houses.
Order the statewide Criminal Check.
Find Criminal Records by County. More info.
One of the best ways to find criminal records is by looking in local areas, towns, and counties. The criminal records check by county will allow you to find criminal records at the county level. This will include minor offences, as well as major criminal offences. Results may include filing date, case number, charges and sentence. Results will cover a 7 year history, felony, misdemeanor records, state police arrest records, suspended sentences, dismissals, probation, incarceration records and those involved in pre-trial intervention. You never know if the subject has a local criminal record that can not be located with statewide search, or a national criminal check.
Order the county Criminal Check.
  People Finder + Criminal Check Statewide. More info.  
This services is a great way to find someone as well as locate criminal records on the person you need to find. Many of our clients have asked us over the years to make it possible to find someone that is missing, and also locate criminal records on that person. This criminal check + people finder will locate the subjects current address, date of birth, telephone number, as well as locate criminal records. The criminal check is statewide, and also has an option to use both county criminal check, with statewide check for a better criminal records.
Order the People Finder + Criminal Check.
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