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Find People - Our Best People Search.

  This service will allow you to locate the subject current address as well as get alot of useful information about 
the subject you are searching for. This search will include criminal, criminal by state, criminal by county, assets,
civil searches, drivers license information, vehicle ownership, relatives, magistrate court records, and much more.
This search combines all of our searches into one single search, or service. Please see below for more information
on this search.

  • Skip trace (Finds current address with private, and public sources)
  • Locates assets at national, state, and county levels.
  • Locates cell phone numbers, and unlisted telephone numbers.
  • Finds criminal records, by state, county, city, and federal records.
  • Advanced skip trace search Utilities, cable, water, etc. 
  • Drivers record history (Most states available)
  • Magistrate court search (Civil and personal suites)
  • Online profiles such as email address, ISP, web sites, and more.
  • Bank account locator** (Only with court order) **
  • Marriage and divorce search by county, and state.
  • Personal assets locator by county.
  • And much more.

Past customer that ordered.

Thank you public people finder !!! Thank you Thank You! and Thank You ! I ordered the "best search" from you
on Apr 8th and on a man that i did some software work for. He skipped town, and It was over 2 years and I
could not locate him as he owed me $17,000 and did not want to pay. I hired several local PI's and they wanted
approx $60 an hour, and said it would take many hours. I checked online, and found you. I ordered an bang 
you found him, current address and all, plus alot of his assets. I got a judgment on him, and my attorney also 
put a lien on his home, and vehicles. We forced him to either pay me, or we would force a sale on his home, 
and assets. He paid me the money he owed me. This was the best $1600.00 that I ever spent. Thank you guys. 
PS: All information was very accurate, and worth the money spent. No name, location given to protect the identity 
of the customer.

Requirements to order: 

We require that you know the subjects full name (First, and last name) date of birth, and social security number.
This search also requires a signed document to prevent credit card fraud. Please click here before your order. 
This must be faxed, or mailed to us before this order is completed, or processed. You may order first, and 
then fax the credit card agreement. We will not start the search until we receive the signed credit card agreement.
A court order is also required to order the bank account part of this search and must be faxed to us at 304.788.9041.
If we receive no court order the bank account part of the search will not be completed! This search is not refundable
as many hours of investigation goes into this search
(We spend alot of time one each case).

More details for this search.

Criminal check.
Allow you to locate criminal records nationwide, by state, and county where the subject lives, and has lived in the past. This search covers every state in the US, as well as every county that the subject has lived at. If you are not sure where the subject has lived this is not a problem. We run a advanced scan to locate the subject and this will also provide us with details on each county to check, and all other areas that need to be checked. We will check each county (Up to 5 counties) and check each state (up to 5) where the subject has lived. 
Asset search.
This part of the background check will allow you to locate property that the subject owns such as homes, vehicles, boats, vessels, land, condos, vacation homes, businesses, and more. This part of the search will locate anything that we can find that the subject owns. This is a database search, as well as an off site search. This will be conducted at a national level, as well as a local level per county for tax records, and other information found. Anything the subject has to pay taxes on is found by state, and county.
Locating and skip trace.
This area will provide you with the subjects current address, and location. If you are having trouble locating this person and others have failed to locate the subject try this background check. We will provide you with the best current information available from any company available online. We use many public, and private sources for this background check. Many sources are checks, not only databases, but many private sources as well!
Utility Search.
This search also goes a step further and after the subject is located or an area is found where the subject is living we will search all public utilities such as water, trash, gas, electric, and others to locate the subjects current address, or also confirm that the subject does in fact live at the address we provide. This many provide additional information that you may have not found before.
Advanced skip tracing.
We will use several intelligent sources that we use only for this service to locate the person you are looking for. This source has a 99.99% rate to locate the address. Best skip trace available! You will not find this online with any other company guaranteed! If the person is wanted by the FBI, or a wanted criminal, and running this service may not work.
Drivers History, and license information (Not available in CA, GA, AL, AK, CO, NH, PA, VA, WA)
We will search drivers licensed history (Driving records) in each state that the subject has lived in to locate any driving offences that the subject has got such as speeding tickets, DUI's, violations and more. This is a very valuable tool for some people that need to get a physical description on the subject. This will list the subjects description such as height, weight, eye color, sex, and more. This will also list license status and show any speeding tickets, violations, and others.
Magistrate court search. (Searches 2 counties) Current subjects county, and last known location.
This part of the search will show you civil records, judgments, personal suites, tax liens, levies, and other information located under the magistrate court system. This may also include bad check that the subject has wrote in the past. We will search the current county the subject is living in, along with the last county the subject lived in for any records that can be found.
Online profile search.
This part of the search we will locate anything that has to relate to the subject online. This could include web sites that the subject owns, emails used by the subject, ISP the subject uses, web sites the subject may visit, and use, and other information we, and our sources can locate on the subject. This may take some time to complete as it is not just a simple online database search. Many hours of research goes into this part of the search.
Bank account locator** (Court order needed) (If not provided you will not receive this section of the search)
This part of the search we will attempt to locate any bank accounts that the subject has. We will search the subjects current location, and state to locate any bank account he, or she may have. This may not show the current balance, but will locate the subjects account number, and bank. A court order is required for this part of the search. A court order such as a judgment, or anything that is signed by a judge that allows you to receive this information will be required. This must be faxed to us at 888-391-9698. If we do not receive the required documents this part of the search will not be completed. This part is only available if you have a court order allowing you to receive this information. If you do not have a court order this part of the search will be skipped.
Marriage and divorce record search.
In this part of the search we will locate any marriage, and divorce records by county, and state that the subject has lived in. We will search the last 2 states and counties to locate these records. This will show if the subject was married, or divorced. This may also give clues, and information that you may need.
Personal Asset Locator by County.
This is a very useful way to locate anything that the subject has to pay taxes on such as homes, boats, satellite dishes, dog houses, cats, dogs, vehicles, pools and more. ANYTHING they have to pay taxes on as this may include some weird items such as cat, and dog taxes, satellite dishes, and others. Just depending on the county that is searches you may received a large list of items that may list many unusual things.
Requirements To Order:
We require that you know the subjects full name (First, and last name) date of birth, and social security number.
This search also requires a signed document to prevent credit card fraud. Please click here before your order. 
This must be faxed, or mailed to use before this order is completed, or processed. You may order first, and then fax the credit card agreement. We will not start the search until we receive the signed credit card agreement.
It may take up to 6 weeks for all information to be provided. Some information may be available in less than 5 days.


Our Best Search. Find Records now!
Results Provided for background check. $1649.99 

Other ways to find people.
All information shown above plus.
Current address
Telephone number.
Criminal check by counties, state, and local areas.
Filing date.
Case Number/s.
Felony records.
Bank account trace, and locator.
Misdemeanor records.
Arrest records.
Suspended sentences.
Probation if any.
Incarceration records.
Pre trial intervention information.
Sex offender trace.
Jail time
(Time served with possible locations)
SSN fraud scan.
Private database scans for current address.
A very reliable database scans from private source.
Civil records check
(Judgments, and bankruptcy)
Tax liens.
Telephone number
Cause of death.
(If deceased)
(family sons, daughters, wife, husband,  all  relations).

Social Security Fraud Scan.
Past Telephone Numbers Used by Subject
Other SSN used by subject
Marriage and Divorce Records.
Personal assets
(computers, homes, anything)
This will list anything the subject has to pay taxes on.
Online Profile+ (Active online user web sites, email, etc)
This may include email address, IP address, web sites, and other online information.
Utility scan.
(Cable, sewer, water, electric)
May provide better details for a current address, and information.

Property records
(Boats, homes, condos, vehicles, and more)
(Businesses, corporations, business relations)
And more.

Order this now for $1649.99

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Public records:

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