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Find Calls Made From Cell Phone Number
Find all calls local, and long distance made from a cell phone number.


Locate all numbers called from a cell phone number including local, and long distance.

This service is a very handy way to find out who someone is calling, and talking to. This will show by default a months worth of calls, long distance, local calls, with duration of call (Time on the phone call), times, and dates with each record. Most company's only include a few calls per week, and do not include dates, times, and durations. This is all included in this toll call search or cell phone activity.

You simply provide us with a cell phone number and we will show you who the owner of that cell phone called for 30 days. This will include local, and long distance calls made for a period of 4 weeks. if you do not have the cell phone number please run a cell phone trace first to obtain the cell phone number so you can then locate the calls made. You can find a cell phone number by name, and address, or find a cell phone number by social security number. You may also need to find a cell phone number using a name, and city to search with.

We use special databases, and resources that only detectives, government agencies, and law enforcement have access to and with this special access we will locate the cell phone record and provide you with all telephone calls that was made from the owners cell phone number.


Please see our Telephone Directory services - unlisted telephone lookup, cell phone lookup, pager trace, find owner of a fax number, unlisted telephone numbers, and other services to the right if you are looking for another type of telephone trace or service that better fits your needs.


Facts about this telephone lookup:
Subject is never notified, or aware we are searching.
Results available within 1-3 days and sent by email.
Search performed by a licensed detective at our firm.
Accurate information from a detective agency.
Subject must be at least 18 years of age.
Your information is never given to anyone.
All information is stored with 24/7 security.
Credit card and ordering safety.
Results that you will receive from this cell phone finder.
Local calls made from the cell phone number.
Long distance calls made from the cellular phone.
911 / 411 / and other numbers called.
Times when call was made.
Date when calls was placed..
Duration of call (How long they were on the phone)
And more.


Advanced data can be applied to this cell phone trace for $249.99
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All above plus..
Owners Full Name - if not known.
Current Address.
Date of Birth.
Middle Name.
Social Security Number
Address History.
Current Telephone Number and verification.
Social Security Fraud Scan.
Past Telephone Numbers Used by Subject..
Other People Using The Social Security Number.
Other SSN used by subject.
Federal Judgments.
Death Record scan.
Vehicles owned by subject.
(family - sons, daughters, wife, husband, and other possible relations).
Civil Judgments.
Tax liens.
Social Security number*
Vessels owned by subject.
(Boats, Watercraft, and ships)
Sex Offenders trace.
Real Estate
(Property Records) Nationwide.
(People that have had contact with the subject)
Statewide/County Criminal Search
(In the state subject is found to be living at)
The statewide search is not available in all states if the state is not available we will do a county criminal search in the same area that subject is found to be living in automatically.




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us by law to give your information to law enforcement. This is if illegal activity takes place. SSN may only be given with reason as required
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